Went out upon Circumference –

Went out upon Circumference –

I saw no Way –

The Heavens were stitched –

I felt the Columns close –

The Earth reversed her Hemispheres –

I touched the Universe –

And back it slid – and I alone – A speck upon a Ball –

Went out upon Circumference –

Beyond the Dip of Bell –


                              Emily Dickinson #378 (TJ)
She did not need a very patriarchal puritan religion to experience Heaven. She found her heaven, ‘Beyond the Dip of Bell’ in self discovery. Helen Vendler says it beautifully in her book, “Dickinson Selected Poems and Commentaries”, “Dickinson is left solitary, at the edge of the universe, what redeems her lonely status is the fact that she has attained it by her own exploration: she ‘went out’ to where she finds herself. ‘she is the agent of her own enlightenment.” In today’s world of always staying connected I think we forget the importance of being solitary. Being alone, so we can develop our own relationship that exists ‘Beyond the Dip of Bell’, so we can come back and make the Universe that much stronger. An interesting fact I read in, “Emily Dickinson: Looking to Canaan” by John Robinson, was that Emily’s Father used to ring the big town bell when the Aurora lights were visible. Glad I could get this post out before the natural phenomena of the eclipse occurs!