To be alive – is Power –

To be alive – is Power –

To be alive – is Power –

Existence – in itself –

Without a further function –

Omnipotence – Enough –

To be alive – and Will!

‘Tis able as a God –

The Maker – of Ourselves – be what –

Such being Finitude!

                           Emily Dickinson #677


The essence of all religions is summed up in this poem.  This poem explains what it is to be enlightened. Thich Nhat Hanh said, "The capacity to wake up, to understand, and to love is called Buddha nature."  The bible verse Psalm 46:10 also relates, "Be still, and know that I am God!"  "To be alive – is Power-" Just simply BEING alive is a most powerful function.  

My Mother–In–Law and Father who both had near death experiences this year, have proved the importance of the power of life.  With an oxygen mask over her nose, my Mother-In-Law, became the Ganesha, an elephant headed Hindu God who removes obstacles, and paves the way for new beginnings.  Because not only is it most powerful to be alive, but to be alive and "Will" is being "God".  We are, "The Maker – of Ourselves."  Whether you are Hindu, Buddha, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Gay, Straight, Cat, or Dog, make love and compassion your "Finitude".

I want to thank my parents for their gift of sending my family and I to The Chautauqua Institute. It is there that I had the pleasure of meditating with, and listening to a Tibetan Buddha, Khenpo Monlam, and attending an I opening lecture on Hinduism by Vasudha Narayanan.