The Instinctual Aspect of Creativity

The Instinctual Aspect of Creativity

It is easy to work when the soul is at play -          

But when the soul is in pain -                                                                                              

The hearing him put his play things up                                                                          

Makes work difficult - then -

It is simple, to ache, in the Bone, or the Rhind -

But Gimblets - among the nerve -

Mangle daintier - terribler -

Like a Panther in the Glove -

                          Emily Dickinson #244(TJ)


This poem is about the instinctual aspect of creativity, which is represented by the Panther.  This type of creativity includes all manner of things that require a person to lose themselves.  You completely lose yourself and become the Panther. It requires you to get your brain out of the game.  There are many instances (athletics, writing, music, etc.) where we over think things, and end up mangling the whole thing. Our brain becomes the “Gimblet” that “Mangles” and suffocates the “Panther in the Glove”.