What if Adam resisted Eve's temptation of the fruIt.


Paradise is of the Option.

Whosoever will

Dwell in Eden notwithstanding

Adam and Repeal

          Emily Dickinson pg.536(Miller)



 What if Adam resisted Eve's temptation of the fruit. He threw the apple out of her hands, and said, "We don't need this, other knowledge or paradise, just knowing you is all I ever need or want".  Would our world be any different?  Would giving birth not be painful? Would we all be walking around naked? Now that we have same sex marriages, and the bible says, "obey your husband" but what if there are two woman, or two husbands?  But this is reading the bible literally, the bible is parables, stories told to be translated and interpreted.

We can still experience paradise even with having eaten the apple from the tree of knowledge.  Paradise is a state of mind, and way of living in the present moment.  It does not require a stripping of clothes but a stripping of knowledge.  Put away your labels, your guns, your weapons, your judgements of, right or wrong, good or bad, smart or dumb, republican or democrat, and live more in the moment on an instinctual love like the animals we are! Stop domesticating ourselves and other animals, become wild and pure at heart, living in paradise without any tree of knowledge.