How to Find Beauty

How to Find Beauty

Estranged from Beauty - none can be -

For Beauty is Infinity -

And power to be finite ceased

Before Identity was leased.

                                       Emily Dickinson #1474(TJ)

There is a comfort in knowing beauty will always be there.  You don’t have to be rich or poor to appreciate beauty.  “Beauty is Infinity” it is always there and it is just a matter of being open to the presence of beauty.

If you do feel beauty is missing from your life, then most likely you just need to slow down.  Beauty requires you to be present. Stop bringing your phone everywhere or at least shut the notifications off so you're not distracted.  Beauty requires presence and time to look and see what you are seeing.  When I took life drawing, I thought every nude figure, no matter shape or size, was gorgeous.  Now I see the beauty of the figure in nature and my son’s activities.