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Oh Sumptuous moment

Slower go

That I may gloat on thee -

'Twill never be the same to starve

Now I abundance see -

Which was to famish, then or now -

The difference of Day

Ask him unto the Gallows led -

With Morning in the sky

Emily Dickinson #1125 TJ


This is about being in a state of ecstasy, a sort of manic phase.  In this state there is no need of food or money, you are pure "abundance" in and of itself. Walking around high on life, "With morning in the sky".

Unfortunately this high does not last, it is a, "difference of day", you wake up and realize your are "famished". This is why when we feel that "Sumptuous moment" we want time to stop or "slower go" so we can enjoy and "gloat on thee".  Soak up every moment of life because, before you know it, the end is near, and you will be "led" to your own "Gallows", but stay high and keep "morning in the sky."